Kampus Sana, Kampus Sini

Didirikan pada 1209, University of Cambridge memiliki sejarah yang panjang. Beberapa alumninya sungguhlah top, tersebutlah Sir Isaac Newton, fisikawan Inggris yang menemukan gravitasi, aktor Ian McKellen, matematikawan Stephen Hawking, aktris Emma Thompson dan redaktur surat kabar Arianna Huffington. Universitas Cambridge memperoleh penilaian terbaik dalam empat kategori; pada penelitian, inovasi, pengajaran dan spesialisasi keilmuan. Universitas iniContinue reading “Kampus Sana, Kampus Sini”

How To Evaluate "Facilitator Capability"

Facilitator capability evaluation can be prepared by “self assessment” and by local communities. Both are highly recommended although in practice is very difficult to do so. Even an experienced project consultants are often confused when asked how to begin the evaluation process. One effort is to obtain a process within the society itself. Of courseContinue reading “How To Evaluate "Facilitator Capability"”

Facilitators and Their Failures

Lots of programs or international projects scheme has been implemented during the last two decades but seemingly in-effective or no significant impacts recorded. Problems found during the implementation, which is more complex than ever. The involvement of NGO facilitators in project has not been successful. This situation cannot be separated from the perspective and theContinue reading “Facilitators and Their Failures”