The Man Behind the Film "The Mirror Never Lies"

Hugua, Head of Wakatobi District (Photo: Matanews)

Enthusiastically, I watched film “The Mirror Never Lies” on Thursday, May 12, 2011 in Studio 3, Mal Panakukang. The film exposed the phenomenon of Bajo community in a frame of an atmospheric remotes island in the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Southeast Sulawesi.

The story starts from a curse on the mirror. Pakis, young girl who lost her father who believes still alive. She lived with his mother (Atiqah Hasiholan). The arrival of a visiting (Reza Rahadian) from Jakarta raised problems to her. She was always haunted by the image in the mirror that bring her the confident that his father still alive.

“The Mirror Never Lies” tells the story Bajo tribes who live in the sea. Wakatobi as the islands are inhabited by Bajo. Pakis, Lumo and their innocence with an exotic island in the background of Wakatobi which forces us to laugh or vice versa. Fern, tough little girl, the kind of conflict of interest between the “courage of her father and desire to continue living”, especially her mother.

We will see the contours of white sandy beach, the beauty of coral reefs during the day, ornamental fishes, sunsets or terrace overlooking the sea water, with a silhouette of the sun fading twilight. All packed with slick. This film managed to lift the facts and fascination of the charm of coral reefs and beaches on the islands of Wakatobi charming.

“The sea is my father’s house, all is my future”, Lumo said, a small figure that is very much alive in the film. The scene in this movie very rich dimensions of community life Wakatobi.

In one scene we will see a traditional fish market, the fishermen who go home, mothers who seek sea urchins or children ran from house to house on the water up. And also silence. Only water is splashing.

For those who have an experience with Language Bajo do not be surprised because the language used in the film is the dominant language Bajo. Words such as lobster / Kalora, bungko / turtles, langkoe, dormitories, Lille, dinde, napanggeku, Daha marebe will always be present.

Hugua’s Factor

The film, directed by Kamila Andini, Garin Nugroho’s eldest daughter, the story takes 3 years to work on this film. There are two messages that successfully delivered the film, the charm of the Wakatobi Bajo community and community life.

For me, the actor behind the success of this film is Hugua, Head of Wakatobi District. A man with a brilliant package of natural resources strategy, promoting values ​​of society and of course competition in the world of marine tourism with the best marketing strategy.

Hugua has successfully put message in this movie to promote the beauty of underwater of Wakatobi by involving famous figures as Garin Nugroho, including environmental organization such as WWF and the Forestry Department of Indonesia which has the authority management in the park .

I would say, Hugua is the real actor in this film.


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